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Monday, July 18, 2011

When I teach...

When I teach art, I like to set up learning stations around a room - usually focusing somewhat on what I'm most interested in at the time.  Adults & children can choose their spot and work at their own pace with my (sometimes not so gentle) encouragement.

In this way, over the course of my so-called career, I've taught students of every age, from 2 years old right up to 80.  We have such a great time!

So - what does this have to do with knitting or knitters?  Well, right alongside the intensive still life drawing lesson and the colorful imaginary lands is a young man trying out some yarn and needles.  Or a young woman learning to spin.  Or a handful of happy needle felters, poking away.  (I'm leading them all down "the slippery slope" of fiber!)

This past week at Searsport Shores, I was invited to teach in precisely this way.  I was given a lovely cabin and a studio and complete freedom.  Here are some pictures:

She's drawing (see next photo)
So are Norma & Jessica  

FINISHED!  2 hours)

Everybody was encouraged to join in.

Water-based markers are great for true enthusiasts!
This, by the way, is a picture of the Fairy Swimming Pool.

Lori chose to draw the garlic scapes - a real challenge.
Needle felting was so popular we ran out of materials!

And out in the yard, my favorite blacksmith was also attracting a crowd...

Jeff forged these handles for the cabin.

And more knitting & spinning...

Finally, I actually made some art - or at least started to...

Faith & Hope, version one
5 ft x 3 ft, charcoal & pencil

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Life with Kritters: Wickety Splits Learns to Spin & other July Doings

Here is Wickety Splits, foundling kitten, getting her morning spinning lesson.  My, but it was hard not to grab that twisty fluff!  (Knitting was even tougher!)      

Knit-wise, I'm trying my hand at designing a lace scarf, combining traditional gull & scalloped-edge patterns.  The yarn is Hempathy by Elsbeth Lavold.  Size 5 needles. The drape is lovely.

The pattern is just difficult enough to be engaging.

Both ends will feature the scalloped edge.

The gardens are lovely today & Village Books is open to the Maine air!

From July 10-16 I'll be a Visiting Artist at Searsport Shores Resort & Camp Grounds, in Searsport, Maine.  Drop by for a drawing lesson or to spin or knit each morning 10-12.  Jeff will be forging nearby too!

Next up: Spinning CVM. YUMMY!