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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OTE (overtaken by events)

Yep, that's me. But, lots of knitting & knitters were included in the events that overtook me. I've been lost in a cowl fetish - fast to knit, as beautiful as jewelry, and the perfect Maine winter-wear. Many thanks to Ballantine, who shared a favorite pattern with me.

Right now I'm using up a lot of scratchy odds and ends of wool & other fibers to make "bird houses". These will be part of an installation I'm doing with my 12 year old partner, Katie, over at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine in March. Katie & I are studying cliff swallows and chimney swifts, birds that are in danger in the area's watershed. My contribution is a bunch of hand knit "nests" in all kinds of colors & textures to hang in front of a sunset backdrop painted by Katie.

Pictures to follow!!! I promise! And more about knitters WHO ARE NOT ME...



  1. Please post photos of the birds nests when you're done!

  2. Ballantine sends her regards. Nice *woof* cowl!