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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Classic Conundrum

WANT to write. NOTHING to write about.

My poetry mentor, Erich Hintze, always encouraged me to include important content in the title and continue the poem with no thought break between the title and the body of the poem.

There you go, Erich.

Today is a wordy day with no anchoring topic.  Music & words are filling my head so loudly while I spin & knit that I can't listen to my good husband when he talks to me.

When this happens, I catch myself talking internally to SOMEONE, as if I'm writing a letter.  Maybe I'm just doing some lazy (ie: not actually writing it down) journalling.  I invent tag lines to blogs and articles that I'll never write.

Let's see there's:

Hit the Tiresome Button!: What NOT to post on FACEBOOK or RAVELRY

How Making Stuff Keeps Me From Going to Jail

Short Bus Luddites

What Would Lorelei Do?-Advice for Mothers with Brainy Daughters 

Stop Talking!

Etc, etc.  

I guess these are mostly rants.  Anyway, these things (and many more) are rampaging through my brain today.  Soundtrack: Sting Live in Berlin. Audible only to me.

Pictured below is the sweetest girl I know.  She knows just what to say when this mood is upon me!

Dixie Marie


  1. It was heaven to sit by your wood stove and chat this afternoon