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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My First Spin-In


I've mostly been on the vendor side of things at events like the Newport Spin-In, but I decided to give myself a "busman's holiday" and join the spinners instead.  What a great day!
The variety of wheels alone is astonishing. The quiet conversation & occasional peals of laughter are
accompanied by the hum & click of dozens upon dozens of these lovely, simple tools.  There is nothing quite like a roomful of spinners.
   Kathy Goldner of Knitting Out Loud fame learns how to spin.
  Debbie Bergman of Purple Fleece is her able teacher.
  The amazing wheel was handmade by 
  Kathy's husband, Scott Moore.

  My two favorite spinning buddies,
  Cindy and Toni, travelled 
  with me up to Newport - about an hour's drive for us.
  Cindy is shown here with her venerable & trusty Louet.
  Toni's getting ready to spin.
We all bought some beautiful fiber (even though we'd vowed not to, as usual), including a bunch from Friends' Folly Farm in Monmouth. They always have the most gorgeous colors!

 It was kind of crowded, but in a good way.

Some finished yarn, spun by yours truly - corriedale & mohair, blended and dyed to a lovely, frosty blue called "January".

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  1. Your yarn is gorgeous, Karen! I'm so glad you came to this event. Can hardly wait for SPA on the 25th!